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Entrepreneur Initial funding

Written by eddyrivas  •  Monday, 02.02.2015, 16:25

Entrepreneur Initial funding

investmentThe dream of becoming an entrepreneur and develop a business idea no matter the size requires an indispensable factor: the Capital, many entrepreneurs here stop because they do not have enough money to start and keep standing while the idea of business begins to show results.However for a person decide this should not be one major if not real to overcome challenging obstacle 


First of all you should think on how to do my business Idea attractive enough, your project must be presented so that it builds trust in those who will become your funding sources, the breadth of information is fundamental.


The first person who must believe in your business idea you are yourself, by such reason must not spare any effort to achieve your goal of becoming an entrepreneur, the first source of financing to consider are your own savings or some goods that you can sell to then use that money as capital or

article9p4 Think sink your business under the premise of the Bootstrapping the term “Bootstrapping” refers  to exercise an entrepreneurial activity with very few resources, counting only with what you have at       your fingertips: phones, garage, personal computer, among others. To achieve this you would have

A second option is to think about people close like family or friends and encourage them to  participate in your business idea by providing capital to set up the new company that you’ve been  creating, they your FF (family and friends) will also need your project items that are reliable and  guarantees them at some point return on your money.

Currently there is a tool with rise and reach in this globalised world I mean the Crowdfunding, or collective financing or in masses, there are some simple guidelines and individuals to achieve the success of financing with this option.article9p3

Recourse to investors i.e. employers or institutions with experience in the business, who are interested in contributing capital for ventures in stage of formation, benefiting them in the opportunity to participate in a good business

A common and far-reaching option are granted credits of banks at this point entrepreneurs must comply with some formality requirements and other guarantees that intend to the success of the nascent business and therefore the banks feel confidence at the time of financing.

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